Laka Architektura.

About Laka Architektura:

Laka Architektura (Laka Studio) is a company registered in Poland and European Union (EU VAT No. PL6381733612), founded in 2015 by Damian Przybyła. Its first programs were: Laka Competition “Architecture that Reacts” and Laka Accelerator. The idea behind “Architecture that Reacts” is that architecture and technology can explicitly improve people’s living conditions where needed, by dynamically reacting to natural, social and built circumstances. “Architecture that Reacts” became the main theme of the annual competition (held by the non-profit organization, Laka Foundation, since 2017). Laka Architektura gathers a team of architects and engineers, focused mostly on design of public and industrial facilities and advisory activities. Currently, Laka Architektura and Laka Foundation collaborate as partners to further develop Laka’s programs and projects. One of the most important goals of Laka Architektura is the financial support of the activities of Laka Foundation.

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