Laka Foundation.

About the Laka Foundation:

Laka Foundation is a non-profit organization and a worldwide network focused on social impact via design and architecture. It was founded in 2017 by Damian Przybyła and Rafał Przybyła in order to continue and develop the international competition “Architecture that Reacts” (originally founded by Laka Architektura /Laka Studio/ in 2015). Starting from 2017, Laka Foundation holds the “Architecture that Reacts” competition. In January 2018 Laka Foundation published a collection of interviews with experts of Laka’s network called “Laka Perspectives”. The Foundation is a crucial part of Laka’s network as it shares the vision of architecture that helps develop sustainable and safe societies through responsible and collaborative design. Through a comprehensive strategy and with the support of our Partners, the Foundation develops projects and programs that emphasize the crucial role of architecture and technology in the process of social change.

The aims of the Foundation are:
1. Emphasizing the role of architecture in solving social and environmental problems; 2. Raising social awareness about the principles of sustainable design; 3. Implementation and support of social initiatives related to spatial design, new technologies, sustainable development and social revitalization; 4. Creating an international and interdisciplinary platform to perform tasks related to the promotion and implementation of design solutions; 5. Activity related to European integration, networking and developing collaboration between societies;
6. Scientific, technical, educational (also related to educating students), cultural activity, charity, as well as activity related to social revitalization and the protection of the natural and built environment; 7. Supporting the development of communities and local societies; 8. Supporting the development of economy, including entrepreneurship; 9. Supporting the development of technology, inventions and innovativeness and spreading and implementing new technical solutions into economy.

The Foundation achieves its aims through:
1. International collaboration and implementation of projects with international networks of cultural, scientific, research, educational, investment and construction units; 2. Popularization of the development of architectural education, organization and support of educational activity in all sorts of forms; 3. Organization of exhibitions, lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, festivals, discussion panels and other educational, scientific, research, cultural and artistic events; 4. Organization of and participation in events related to sustainable design, promoting urban design and architectural projects, as well as the implementation of buildings; 5. Funding scholarships for designers, scientists and artists; 6. Collaboration with units of public authority of different levels from Poland and abroad; 7. Joint action ad hoc or on the basis of agreements with other socially engaged and economic organizations to fulfill the corresponding statutory objectives; 8. Submission of applications, applying opinions and initiatives to proper governmental institutions and local government centers, social and professional organizations, as well as judicial institutions in the field of the Foundation’s statutory activities; 9. Collection of material and financial resources for the Foundation’s statutory purposes; 10. Other activities related to the implementation of statutory objectives and the Foundation’s development.

As a registered non-profit organization, Laka Foundation presents the reports from its activity to the Ministry of Development (Poland) and tax office, and according to the Polish law – makes them available for public (if you would like to learn more about following the reports, do not hesitate to contact us). If you would like to support our mission of the Laka Foundation (non-profit), please click the following LINK. All contributions support our programs that are focused on social change through a responsible design of architecture and technology. Thank you for your support!

The technical report (Ministry) 2016 & Additional form
The financial report (Tax Office) 2017

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