About Laka.

What we do:

Laka is an international network (including organizations, companies and individual experts) focused on social impact via design and architecture. Through a comprehensive strategy and with a support of our Partners, we develop projects and programs that underline the crucial role of architecture and technology in the process of social change. Laka Competition is an international architectural competition which seeks innovative ideas that go far beyond typical building solutions, are socially engaged, capable of reacting to unpredictable conditions (environmental, natural, social) and provide safety for its inhabitants. Laka Accelerator is an international program which aims to offer opportunities of investigation and implementation of the best designs by providing professional consulting, international press coverage and support of sponsors. Laka Perspectives is a collection of interviews with Experts of the Laka Accelerator and Judges of the Laka Competitions. Laka consists of two organizations Laka Studio (formerly Laka Architektura) | hello@lakareacts.com | EU VAT No. PL6381733612 and Laka Foundation (non-profit) | foundation@lakareacts.com | EU VAT No. PL6381817438 / Poland / Silesia

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Would you like to join the global initiative of “Architecture that Reacts”? If you are interested in joining our international network of Partners, Experts of the Laka Accelerator, participate in the Laka Competition, become Editor of Laka, or just want to propose other ideas of collaboration – we can’t wait to hear from you! Please contact us at: hello@lakareacts.com | Follow Laka: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest