Laka Accelerator. The support to the best ideas.

About the Laka Accelerator:

Laka Accelerator will address the need of providing essential support, opportunities of investigation and implementation of the best ideas of architecture and technology that are focused on social change. Selected designs will be qualified to the Laka Accelerator which will be conducted 2 times per year. Details of the program (including application criteria) will be presented at the beginning of 2017. The first phase (Review) will start in the middle of 2017. We will be providing updates on our website and social media about major development phases of the project until its starting date.

Phases of the project:

Review (1st phase)
Selected designs will be supported by comprehensive feedback from the group of distinguished Experts of the Laka Accelerator. Projects will be assigned to particular Experts according to their area of expertise. Within this phase, the authors will receive a comprehensive review that focuses on a wide range of aspects, such as: spatial and technological solutions, possibilities of implementation, financial self-sufficiency of the design,  originality of the design approach, scalability and replicability, social and environmental responsibility of the design. Experts’ feedbacks and comments will be taken into account during further phases of the Accelerator.

Optimize (2nd phase)
Based on the feedback provided by the Experts during the first phase and thanks to a strict collaboration with the authors of the selected designs, we will work on strengths and weaknesses of the projects to prepare them appropriately for further development within the Laka Accelerator. The authors may be asked additional questions or requested to provide additional materials as suggested by the Experts or Partners of the Laka Accelerator. If major changes are introduced, the projects may be forwarded to additional consulting within the first phase.

Promote (3rd phase)
Thanks to the support of Laka’s international network of Partners and Media Sponsors, the Laka Accelerator aims to promote and ensure visibility to the best designs among a wide audience. This audience will include professionals, enthusiasts, organizations, companies but also potential founders and sponsors. Together with the authors and Laka’s Experts, we will work on promotion strategies that will cover international publications, interviews, articles and also presentations and lectures during international events that are organized or co-organized by Laka’s Partners.

Build (4th phase)
The Laka Accelerator aims to support and provide practical solutions that will have a strong and positive impact on social, natural and built environment. The fourth phase of the accelerator is focused on the building process. All necessary data and feedback from the previous phases will be included and presented to the local communities and founders. Implementation will be preceded by a comprehensive analysis that will include a business plan, a cost estimation, an analysis of the structure and local legal conditions. Members of the Laka Accelerator together with local representatives will be engaged in on-site consulting and supervision to ensure the best quality of the implemented solutions.

Support the project:

The Laka Accelerator will eventually provide a comprehensive support to the best designers in aim to optimize, promote, fund and implement the designs that can positively affect societies. Each phase of the Laka Accelerator will be focused on empowering these designs, to make sure that their final versions will be appropriately prepared for implementation.

The Laka Accelerator is a long-term ambitious project that will be executed within the international network of Partners & Experts and thanks to their kind support. This is a non-profit project that will be executed through the Laka Foundation and according to its statutory activity which will be announced within several weeks. If you would like to be a part of this project, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possibilities of collaboration and to receive a detailed partnership offer.