Results of the Laka Competition ’21
Architecture Reacts.


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In Absencia

Honorable mentions

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Stick Snap Stack

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Noah’s Arch

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No Boundaries

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Bridge the gap

Jury 2021

Prof. Hanaa Dahy (architect, engineer, director of the BioMat research team at University of Stuttgart ITKE)
Hanaa leads the BioMat department as a Junior Professor in ITKE, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in Stuttgart, Germany. She designed and fabricated many innovative sustainable and smart building products and has registered European and international patents, earned numerous Design Awards and industrial project funds. Hanaa developed new architectural design philosophies towards sustainable future architecture, based on applying alternative materials, digital fabrication, and optimized geometric constellations through parametric computational design. Hanaa’s research fields: architecture inspired by nature, biocomposites, biomimetics, sustainability, smart materials, ecologic building Systems, product design, and digital fabrication techniques.

Dr. Vasilija Abramovic (architect, researcher, exhibitions director at the Interactive Architecture Lab)
Vasilija is a scientific committee member and editorial board member for scientific journals. She held academic roles across several universities such as the Faculty of Architecture in Prague, University of Westminster, and the Bartlett School of Architecture. Vasilija’s interests are in the design and fabrication of responsive environments with recent exhibitions in France, Netherlands, and Belgium. Her Ph.D. thesis used meta-material kinetic structures to explore an “Artificial Life Approach to Interactive Architecture” that has been published in conferences and journals, most recently at ALIFE 2019, ACADIA 2018, and eCAADe 2017.

Dr. Peter Kuczia (architect, initiator and curator of the Design that Educates Awards)
Educator and expert in ecological constructions. In 2008, he defended his Ph.D. dissertation on solar architecture in Germany. Author of ‘Educating Buildings – Learning Sustainability through Displayed Design’. He has been awarded multiple international prizes, including International Design Award (US), Iconic Award (DE), DNA Paris Design Awards (FR), LICC London Creative Competition (UK), German Design Award (DE), a national nomination to the MIES VAN DER ROHE AWARD for European Architecture, and many others. His work, which covers a wide range of building types, has been exhibited and published around the world. Jury member in international competitions and initiator and curator of the Design that Educates Awards.

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The subject of the competition is a design that is capable of dynamic interaction with its social, natural, or built surroundings. The main focus of the competition is on solutions developed through a process of changes and adjustments. Previous entries often took advantage of disciplines such as robotics, mechanics, digital fabrication, biodesign, and more. The participants are free to decide the project’s location, scale, size, and program.

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Main prizes and honorable mentions will be selected. The 3 main prizes of each phase will be nominated for the Design Educates Awards 2021 (in the category of Responsive Design
), presented on the website of the Laka Competition, mentioned on the social media channels of the DEA, and invited to present their designs during initiatives the Laka Perspectives. Laureates of main prizes and honorable mentions will receive the certificates and winning labels.

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Join Design Educates Awards 2021!

Laka Competition becomes a part of the Design Educates Awards and a category within called “Responsive Design.” We encourage you to join the Design Educates Awards and present your responsive solutions of architecture and design. The Design Educates Awards recognize, showcase, and promote globally the best ideas and implementations of architecture and design that can educate.

Design Educates Awards

Gianluca Santosuosso (architect, designer, cofounder and lead designer at UOOU studio)
UOOU studio specialises in architecture that connects man-made environments with nature, putting eco- and human-oriented design at the core of its mission. Evolving from its founders’ past experience in experiential design, the studio works with a wide range of clients worldwide, such as in the commercial and residential sector, brands, local communities and cultural institutions. Gianluca has a Master in Self-Sufficient Building Design from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC) and an MSc in building engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin. He has a strong track record in eco-architecture and experiential design, and has worked for a variety of international design firms including: Freeman, ecoLogicStudio in London, Carlo Ratti Associati in Turin and MDLab/Samsung in Munich.

Paul Clemens Bart (Architect, Designer, Co-founder of BART//BRATKE)
A German architect and designer with broad experience in multifaceted disciplines, collected at Zaha Hadid Architects, LAVA Sydney and Berlin, and the German Institute of Science and Technology, Singapore. Paul is a co-founder of the research design collaborative BART//BRATKE. He holds a diploma in architecture from the Technical University of Munich and a M.Arch. from the Architectural Association’s Design Research Lab in London. Paul studied at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and École Spéciale d’Architecture Paris. His work is committed to emerging technologies, digital methodologies, and their application across scales. A laureate of the second prize in the Laka Competition 2017.

Marvin Bratke (Architect, Co-founder of BART//BRATKE, Visiting Professor Muthesius Academy of Arts)
A German architect and designer with a diploma in architecture (with a special focus on mobility) received at Technical University of Munich. Marvin’s research is focused on emergent technologies in architecture and industrial design. In 2014, he co-founded the research practice BART//BRATKE. Marvin holds a visiting professorship at Muthesius Academy of Arts and is engaged as a director at Graft Architects. Previously, he has worked as Design Architect at LAVA, Senior Designer at MLAUS, and Urban Researcher/Transportation Designer at GIST (German Institute for Science and Technology) and has contributed advanced geometry solutions for KERE Architecture. A laureate of the second prize in the Laka Competition 2017.

Evaluation (Archive)

Entries will be evaluated based on the criteria of (1) overall idea and implementation; (2) an ability to respond to social, economic, or environmental changes; (3) the design’s level of social and environmental engagement; (4) a relationship to a specific social, natural, and built context; (5) the design’s level of flexibility and adaptability; (6) an innovative use of technology and sustainable systems; and (7) the design’s level of self-sufficiency.

Participation (Archive)

Registration fees: students: 75 USD,  professionals: 125 USD. All registration fees and donations are spent on the further development of the awards. Thank you! The submission consists of: (1) JPG images of your design (up to 5 files), less than 10 MB in sum;
(2) A DOC file with the project statement (up to 500 words) and information about the authors; Save your submission as a ZIP file and send it via email (with “Laka Competition 2020 Entry” in the subject) to We will send you a confirmation of our receipt of the materials within 48 hours.


Laka Foundation is a non-profit organization and a worldwide network focused on social impact via design and architecture. In January 2018 Laka Foundation published a collection of interviews with experts of Laka’s network called “Laka Perspectives”, and launched new international competition (initiated by Dr. Peter Kuczia): The Design that Educates Awards. Join Laka Foundation’s newsletter. Follow us on social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, #LakaCompetition #ArchitectureThatReacts

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Jury of the previous editions, among others:

Emma van der Leest (biodesigner, product designer, founder of the BlueCity lab)

Daan Roosegaarde (artist, innovator, founder of Studio Roosegaarde)

Elizabeth Monoian (artist, founding director of LAGI, cofounder of Studied Impact)

Robert Ferry (architect, founding director of LAGI and Studied Impact)

Maria Aiolova (Architect, Educator, LEED AP, Assoc. AIA)

Hani Rashid (Architect, Co-founder of Asymptote, Head of Studio_Hani Rashid)

Paul Clemens Bart (Architect, Designer, Co-founder of BART//BRATKE)

Marvin Bratke (Architect, Designer, Co-founder of BART//BRATKE)

Prof. Nathalie de Vries (Architect, Urban Planner, Co-founder of MVRDV)

Qun Dang (Architect, Principal Partner at MAD Architects)

Arturo Vittori (Architect, Co-founder of Warka Water NGO, Director of Architecture and Vision)

Julien De Smedt (Architect, Founder of JDS Architects)

Prof. Alexander Rieck (Architect, Researcher, Co-Founder of LAVA Laboratory For Visionary Architecture)

Prof. Tobias Wallisser (Architect, Co-Founder of LAVA Laboratory For Visionary Architecture)

Prof. Chris Bosse (Architect, Co-Founder of LAVA Laboratory For Visionary Architecture)

Dr. Peter Kuczia (architect, initiator and curator of the Design that Educates Awards)

Thom Faulders (Architect, Founder of Faulders Studio)

Ana María Gutiérrez (Architect, Co-founder of Fundación Organizmo, Ashoka Fellow)