(Architect, Researcher, Cochair of the ROB|ARCH2016)
Dr Dagmar Reinhardt is the cochair of the ROB|ARCH2016, a practising architect, Program Director of the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments and Leader of the Master of Digital Architecture Research at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney. Reinhardt’s research extends architectural performance and performativity towards design research and crossdisciplinary practice with audioacoustics, and structural engineering. Her work focuses on engineering the acoustic behaviour of curved geometries through generative design and robotic fabrication, and in choreographing relationships between kinect sensing, fabricated materiality, and body movement.
http://www.robarch2016.org/team/ Her work with biome explores the mathematical language shared between scripting, sound/music, digital fabrication, interaction design and architecture (www.biome.cc). Her architecture practice reinhardtjung produces building projects, installations, curatorial work, research, publications, lectures and exhibitions in Europe and Australia, has been widely published, and received numerous awards (www.reinhardtjung.de).

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