Donation on the Laka Foundation

Donation on the statutory activity of the Laka Foundation.

Laka is a non-profit organization and a world-wide network focused on social impact via design and architecture. We share the vision of architecture that helps to develop sustainable and safe societies through a responsible and collaborative design. Through a comprehensive strategy and with the support of our Partners, we develop projects and programs that underline the crucial role of architecture and technology in the process of social change.

There is still a lot of work ahead of us in order to develop tools within Laka that will provide additional support for the best designers but everyday we get closer to the aim of translating Laka’s vision into a practical impact. We are honored to be partners to a number of organizations, companies, media sponsors and individual experts that contribute to the mission of “Architecture that Reacts”.

All contributions made to Laka support our programs that are focused on  social change through a responsible design of architecture and technology. We execute our mission under the title of “Architecture that Reacts”, since we look for solutions which are capable of reacting to human and environmental needs. They react literally, thanks to the implemented spatial and technological solutions which benefit from a wide range of modern disciplines and knowledge. 

Laka is a registered non-profit organization (EU VAT No. PL6381817438; KRS No. 0000639902), all contributions to the Laka are tax-deductible. Please make your donation by filling in the form below and clicking the “Donate” button. Thank you for your support! Having difficulties? Please contact us at