More details on the program, including prizes, the jury and schedule, will be presented soon, so stay tuned!

About Educating Architecture Competition 2018
Educating Architecture Competition 2018 is an international design program (hosted by the Laka Foundation) which seeks innovative ideas of architecture that can educate us through its design. This kind of architecture communicates itself in a variety of ways (spatial, technological, functional) and encourages us to reflect on and learn about important social, environmental and technological challenges. The Educating Architecture carries information, it can trigger a process of a positive development wherever it is needed and encourage its users to take action for the future. Submit your idea of architecture that educates!

International call for ideas:
We invite designers from all around the world to submit their ideas of architecture that educates. The concept of Educating Architecture outlines a new approach to informal education in authentic learning environments (built and natural). In this exceptional educational zone, learning takes place more or less accidentally during everyday activities. The subject of the competition is a solution of an architecture, technology, product design, furniture or other elements which can carry information and educate its users as a result.

Educating Architecture – 2018 Conference
The best proposals will be selected by the international Panel of Judges and presented during the conference in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Winners and laureates of honorable mentions will be invited to participate in the event and present their designs. The program of the conference will consist of lectures prepared by the Judges and selected Participants, an exhibition of the results, networking opportunities between investors and participants. Details of the conference will be announced in the 1st quarter of 2018. During the conference, Participants will have an opportunity to present their designs to a wide group of professionals in the field of design, technology and architecture, Judges of the Competition and the group of possible Investors.

About the topic
The topic of the “Educating Architecture” program is based on the concept and research called “Bildende Bauten” (German for Educating Buildings) which has been introduced and developed by Dr. Peter Kuczia (a Judge in the Laka Competitions and an Expert of Laka Accelerator). Please refer to the book “Bildende Bauten”, which explains the possibilities of implementation of educating architecture to particular buildings, technological systems and product design.

About the Organizer (Laka)
The competition is a part of the Laka Accelerator program which is hosted by the Laka Foundation. Learn more about the program and the organizer at: Laka Foundation is a non-profit organization and a worldwide network focused on positive social impact via design and architecture. We share the vision of architecture that helps develop sustainable and safe societies through a responsible and collaborative design. Through a comprehensive strategy and with the support of our Partners, we develop projects and programs that underline the crucial role of architecture and technology in the process of positive social change.

Banner image: WormHouse (, Architect: Dr. Peter Kuczia (, Vizualization: Alek Pluta (

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