Frequently Asked Questions.

Laka Competitions

Q1: Is it okay to submit the same project that has been previously submitted to other competitions?
A: Participants can submit their projects that have been previously submitted to other competitions.

Q2: Is there a specific approach or place for the proposal?
A: As organisers we avoid applying too many design constraints on participants. Participants are free to decide about the location of the project, its scale, size and the program. There are  highlighted issues that the jury will pay attention during judging in the Competition Brief.

Q3: Is there a specified site or area for the project? Is there a scale limit, size limit or particular program?
A: Participants are free to decide about the location of the project, its scale, size and program.

Q4: I received the registration number. Is that the only thing I needed for registration, without knowing my team members’ names?
A: Please check the Competition Brief. The project submission must contain 3 files: 1) One board 24”(h) X 48”(w) in horizontal format with 150 dpi, saved as JPG file in RGB mode; 2) A TXT file with the projects statement; 3) A TXT file with the entrants’ personal information (as explained in the Competition Brief).

Q5: Is video format allowed in the submission?
A: Video formats will not be accepted. Please check the Competition Brief which contains a list of three required elements of submissions.

Q6: Reference to the captioned subject kindly clarify if the competition entries are limited to building design or if a wider range of entries is acceptable such as industrial design objects, mobility etc.
A: The subject of the competition is a conceptual project of architecture that is socially engaged and capable of reacting to unpredictable conditions and environmental, natural and social risks. Considering the ideological basis of the competition and the criteria of evaluation which have been presented in the Competition Brief, (“4. Judging Criteria”), we strongly encourage the Participants to look for the solutions not only in the definition of the “building” itself, but foremost to present the interdisciplinary approach which takes benefits from disciplines such as robotics, mechanics, digital fabrication, biodesign and biofabrication, computational design, materials science, bioarchitecture, social sciences, industrial design, mobility and much more! We avoid applying too many design constraints on the participants. The participants are free to decide about the location of the project, its scale, size and program.

If you have questions about the Laka Competitions or the Laka Accelerator do not hesitate to contact us at or via our contact form. We always answer the inquiries within 2 business days. If you didn’t receive our reply, your inquiry may not reached us because of technical reasons, in this case, please contact us again via our social media.