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Laka Perspectives is a collection of 21 interviews with renowned experts from disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, computational design, digital fabrication, smart materials, mobility, biomimicry and more. During last 6 months we have had an exceptional opportunity to learn from their knowledge and experience, and now we would like to share their ideas, suggestions and advice with you.

*edit 2017-07-13:The book has been nominated to the German Design Award 2018!

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Laka_Perspectives (5)Layout design: Ultrabrand | Visualization: Alek Pluta

Content of Laka Perspectives:
Number of pages: approx. 300 (paperback)
Publisher: Laka Foundation
Language: English
Format: A6

1) Sudarshan Krishnan (Architect, Structural Engineer, Educator, Assistant Professor of Structures in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
2) Alberto T. Estevez (Architect, Art Historian, Ph.D of Sciences, Ph.D of Arts, Expert of Biodigital and Genetic Architecture, Founder of ESARQ /UIC/)
3) Stefan Holtgreife (CEO Solarlux GmbH)

Preface 1: Editors of Laka
Preface 2: Editors of Laka

Phillip McCormick (Architect, Urban Planner)
Sushant Verma (Architect & Computational Designer, Researcher, Co-founder of rat[LAB])
Aldo Sollazzo (Architect, Researcher, Expert in computational design, Manager of Noumena)
Paolo Santi (Researcher, MIT Senseable City Lab, IIT-CNR, Member of IEEE Computer Society)
Bettina von Stamm (Founder and Director of the Innovation Leadership Forum)
Nathalie de Vries (Architect, Urban Planner, Co-founder of MVRDV)
Tobias Wallisser (Architect, Co-Founder of LAVA Laboratory For Visionary Architecture)
Thom Faulders (Architect, Founder of FAULDERS STUDIO, Professor of Architecture at California College of the Arts)
Craig Zelizer (Founder and CEO of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network) & Catalina Rojas (Director of Innovation at the Peace and Collaborative Development Network)
Brennan Lake (Programs Director of the Technology Exchange Lab)
Daniel Kohler (Architect, Urban designer, Researcher at the MIT Senseable City Lab) & Rasa Navasaityte (Architect, Designer, Co-founder of lab-eds)
Manuel Kretzer (Architect, Researcher, Educator, visiting professor at the Braunschweig University of Art)
Maria Aiolova (Architect, Educator, LEED AP, Assoc. AIA, Co-Founder of Terreform ONE)
Katie Crepeau (Architect, Writer and Consultant at Design Affects)
Doris Kim Sung (Architect, Researcher, Lecturer at University of Southern California)
Gianluca Santosuosso (Architect, Building Engineer, Designer)
Piotr Kuczia (IARP and BAK Architect, author of CO2 Saver House)
Monika Thadhani (AIA, NCARB, Architect, Designer and Urban Planner, Adjunct Professor at IIT Chicago, Founder of Education For Future)
Michał Stangel (Eng. arch, PhD. Architect and Urbanist, Vice-dean for Research at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology)
Silvia Titotto (Structural Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Researcher in Biomimetics)
Ana María Gutiérrez (Architect, Co-founder of Fundación Organizmo, Ashoka Fellow)

Summary 1: Editors of Laka
Summary 2: Editors of Laka

Laka_Perspectives (6)

Interlocutors of Laka Perspectives vol. 1

Selected parts of the interviews:
Laka: What was your most valuable life lesson as an architect?
Phillip McCormick: It takes many people working together to complete projects ‐ might be the most valuable lesson but compromises without losing principles, patience, quality and true long term economy resulting from durability and proper maintenance are keys to long term improvement (…)

Laka: At lab-eds you have come up with the idea of complicity. It is brilliant how the term covers both the issue of scale and the fact that design requires a team, or partners in crime! Where did this idea come from?
Daniel Koehler & Rasa Navasaitytė: Good that you’ve started with complicity! For us, complicity became quite an important word condensing not only a mode to operate, but also the way one can think of buildings beyond production. In most discourses today, architecture is framed as a form of making, and to that end as the process before even being a building. Such discussions have dominated the last century, starting with the promise of mass-production (Walter Gropius), which turned into a discourse later on on mass-customization (Patrik Schumacher) and the interest in new modes of fabrication (Achim Menges). However, progressing computational performance and the maturing of truly digital fabrication methods, like 3D-printing, will be reducing production time and costs down towards zero in the near future. Nowadays, one can iterate design objects in seconds and print whole buildings in a few hours. With the improvement of these technologies, architecture liberates itself from production. This goal of critical modernism has been achieved. What is left is the building, the architecture by itself (…)

Laka: What do you think that social participation in urban design has increased in popularity – is it the reaction of architects and planners to the growing consciousness of citizens or rather a natural process of urban development, a sign of the times we live in?
Nathalie de Vries: Absolutely! Citizens take the rights in their own hands and that is a sign of maturity. I think that most architects and planners have a fascination for ‘natural growth’ but at the same time are frightened by lack of control. We can overcome this by providing more knowledge about city planning to the general public and by developing tools with which citizens can interact with designers.

Laka: Your design work is described as an open, responsive process that is defined by dynamically changing stimuli, such as context and perceptual interactions. How do you investigate the inconstant relationships between users and their environment?
Thom Faulders: While I tend to resist distilling practice down to definitions of singular purpose, design process, or technological operations, I do believe it is useful to have a working agenda agile enough to explore and test on different project types and at a variety of scales. In this pursuit, the projects hover somewhere between architecture that is understood as a ‘known quantity’ – with clear objective outcomes and identifiable formal languages, – and as a ‘thing to be discovered’ falling outside of convention, that cannot readily be named or defined, may even be without normative use, and yet retains a core of intentionality. Defined as a free-agent, this relational object of design stands as a kind of architectural conundrum, a future-tense that comes to life as users and contexts establish non-prescribed associations.

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Project: Ultrabrand/Bartlomiej Witkowski | Visualizations: Alek Pluta | Consultancy: Peter Kuczia

Printing of the book will be possible thanks to support of Solarlux GmbH- a German company with 30 years of experience in the manufacture of bi-folding glass doors, wintergardens and façade solutions:

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Laka-Perspectives (1)
Laka-Perspectives (2)Publisher: Laka Foundation |
Project: Bartłomiej Witkowski (Ultrabrand)
Consultancy: Peter Kuczia
Visualization: Alek Pluta
Support: Solarlux GmbH


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