A happy news from Los Angeles: the Laka Perspectives book receives an honorable mention in the International Design Awards! Many thanks for the Participants and all engaged in the preparation of the book, more information about the 1st volume: http://lakaperspectives.com/, and the 2nd (in progress) https://lakareacts.com/competition-2018/

Learn more about IDA 2017: https://idesignawards.com/winners/zoom.php?eid=9-18267-18 

Laka Perspectives is a pocket-sized source of inspiration that outlines different views on the role of architecture, the connections between spatial interventions and their social outcomes, and the pathways that connect needs and solutions in a variety of technological and social disciplines. Furthermore, the book is about the people who have decided to take action for the future through architecture, technology, and innovation. press-kit is available here

The book received a “Special Mention” in the 2018 German Design Awardcategory of “Excellent Communications Design Books and Calendars.”

Publisher: Laka Foundation
Partnership: Solarlux GmbH
Design: Bartłomiej Witkowski
Collaboration: Peter Kuczia
Photos: Mariusz Gruszka
Visualizations: Alek Pluta

Pages: 340 (paperback)
Format: 160 x 100 mm
Language: English

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