It’s ready! After about fourteen months from the initial idea, with the schedule adjusted a dozen of times, we managed to complete and print the Laka Perspectives book volume 1. We have miscalculated the original schedules for more than eight months, but finally, on January 2018 the first edition of the book has been delivered to our office in two boxes 0,10 m3 each. We received amazing support from all participants of the book, authors of the interviews and introductions and partners. Considering all of our conclusions from the process (and the mistakes that we have made along the way), we believe that the experience we gained will allow us to prepare next volumes much more efficiently. Thus from the very beginning of 2018, parallel to sending copies of volume 1 to all participants, we have started our preparations for volume 2 and 3.

Laka Perspectives is a pocket-sized source of ideas that outlines different views on the role of architecture, technology and innovation. If you are interested in purchasing the volume 1 of Laka Perspectives, please go to the website: (there are only 25 copies for sale from the first print, we plan printing of additional copies in 3rd/4th quarter of 2018). The book received a “Special Mention” in the 2018 German Design Award category of “Excellent Communications Design Books and Calendars.” Design of the book has been prepared by Ultrabrand with the collaboration of Laka, Peter Kuczia, and Alek Pluta. Applying for the German Design Award was possible thanks to support and partnership of Solarlux GmbH.

Also, two weeks ago we initiated first steps of preparation and funding of the first album of Architecture that Reacts competition (with collaboration of Centre for Non-governmental Organization in Gliwice, Poland), which will be a summary of 3 editions of the competition and a place for presentation of more than 100 projects that will be selected by the editors of Laka from the pool of recent entries. We aim to prepare the digital version of the book and make it available free of charge in order to boost the promotion of these projects and their authors, but in further step – to print it in a form of a large album which will be available for purchase (with income intended for the support of the non-profit section of Laka).

perspectives-v1-1 (2)perspectives-v1-1 (4)perspectives-v1-1 (5)perspectives-v1-1 (6)
Laka Perspectives volume 1:
Publisher: Laka Foundation
Partnership: Solarlux GmbH
Design: Bartłomiej Witkowski
Collaboration: Peter Kuczia
Visualizations: Alek Pluta

Pages: 340 (paperback)
Format: 160 x 100 mm
Language: English

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