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Laka Perspectives & International Design Awards

By | News | No Comments | May 31, 2018 Tags: , ,

A happy news from Los Angeles: the Laka Perspectives book receives an honorable mention in the International Design Awards! Many thanks for the Participants and all engaged in the preparation of the book, more information about the 1st volume: http://lakaperspectives.com/, and the 2nd (in progress) https://lakareacts.com/competition-2018/ Learn more about IDA 2017: https://idesignawards.com/winners/zoom.php?eid=9-18267-18  Laka Perspectives is a pocket-sized source of inspiration that outlines different views on the role of architecture, the connections between spatial interventions and their social outcomes, and the pathways…

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BART//BRATKE & Matthijs la Roi Architects: New Concert Hall

By | News | No Comments | April 22, 2018 Tags: , , ,

BART//BRATKE & Matthijs la Roi Architects proposal for New Concert Hall Nuremberg PROJECT INFO Location: Nuremberg, Germany Status: Design Proposal / Competition Entry Size: 17 000 m2 BART//BRATKE Design Team: Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke Matthijs la Roi Architects Design Team: Mattijs la Roi www.bartbratke.com www.matthijslaroi.com ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT The Nuremberg Concert Hall extends the historically rich heritage of the Meistersingerhalle and enriches the cultural city of Nuremberg with a unique musical experience in which music and space become one. Based…

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Laka Competition 2018 has started!

By | News | No Comments | April 4, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Laka invites designers from around the world to submit their ideas of ‘architecture that reacts.’ The main focus of the competition is on the solutions that develop through a process of changes and adjustments. The subject of the competition is architectural, design, or technological solutions that are capable of dynamic interaction with their surroundings. https://lakareacts.com/competition-2018/ Schedule: ● Registration opens in April 2018 ● Early Registration (April 1st–June 1st): 50 USD ● Regular Registration (June 2nd–October 1st): 75 USD ● Late…

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Laka Perspectives vol. 1 is printed!

By | News | No Comments | February 2, 2018 Tags: , , , , , ,

It’s ready! After about fourteen months from the initial idea, with the schedule adjusted a dozen of times, we managed to complete and print the Laka Perspectives book volume 1. We have miscalculated the original schedules for more than eight months, but finally, on January 2018 the first edition of the book has been delivered to our office in two boxes 0,10 m3 each. We received amazing support from all participants of the book, authors of the interviews and introductions and…

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Italian Pavilion Expo’15 – Paolo Venturella

By | News | No Comments | January 10, 2018 Tags: ,

Italian Pavilion Expo’15 is one of the projects from Paolo Venturella Architecture – a firm based in Rome that mainly focus its research on the integration between the design processes and renewable energies. Source and more information about the project: http://www.paoloventurella.it/italian-pavillion-expo-2015/ | Authors’ description: “The proposal for the “Italian Pavilion” for the EXPO 2015 in Milan is based on the integration between sustainable food and renewable energies. Food is incorporated in the design by the continuation of the green of the exterior space, while energies…

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“Architecture that Reacts” 2017 – Results

By | News | No Comments | December 1, 2017 Tags: , ,

200 Participants from more than 40 countries submitted over 90 designs to this year’s “Architecture that Reacts”! The variety of submitted solutions “that reacts” showcase the outstanding creativity of the authors. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all Participants for your inspiring projects! Huge thanks to Laka’s Judges, Partners, Media Partners for your support, consultancy and promotion! Deadline for submissions for the Laka Competition 2017 was on November 2, 2017. Every project that has been submitted before…

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PCDN Network – About Laka’s Partners

By | News | No Comments | November 20, 2017 Tags: , , , , , ,

As Laka we are honored to be partners to The Peace and Collaborative Development Network, the community which work to empower others to make a change in the world. In 2017, PCDNetwork has developed an incredible group of new services such as The Career Series, The Social Change Career Helping Line or The Social Change Career Podcast. We are more than happy to share the promotional material from PCDN, which you can find below. WHAT IS PCDN? PCDN 3.0 is…

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Laka Perspectives book – German Design Award 2018 Nominee!

By | News | No Comments | August 28, 2017

Laka Perspectives book has been nominated to the German Design Award 2018! www.german-design-award.com Laka Perspectives is a collection of 21 interviews with renowned experts from disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, computational design, digital fabrication, smart materials, mobility, and biomimicry. The keynote of the book is about perceiving and following the new ideas on the horizon and challenging the status quo along the way. The interviews have been conducted by Laka Foundation in 2016/2017. Content of Laka Perspectives: Number of pages: approx. 350 (paperback) Publisher:…

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Judge meets Laureate of #ArchitectureThatReacts ’16

By | News | No Comments | June 27, 2017 Tags: , , , ,

At the beginning of June 2017, one of the Judges of the Laka Competitions “Architecture that Reacts”- Dr. Peter Kuczia – met with Laureate of the 1st prize of the Laka Competition 2016 – Jin Young Song – at the Department of Architecture of University at Buffalo (State University of New York). Jin Young Song (AIA) is an architect, researcher, assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo and founder of DIOINNO Architecture PLLC (Buffalo and Seoul based design firm). His interest is…

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Partners in crime (Laka’s interview with Rasa Navasaitytė and Daniel Köhler from lab-eds)

By | News | No Comments | April 25, 2017

Main picture: Choreograments. Reactivation strategy for the Linnahall, Tallinn, Estonia. 2010, project by Rasa Navasaityte, Daniel Köhler. Source: http://www.lab-eds.org/Choreograments-Linnahall Easy access to simulation tools in architecture, engineering and urban planning would allow more precise solutions, which are tailored to the particular needs of a society or area, however in practice such software is rare and unfamiliar to designers. The work of lab-eds allows an intuitive, conceptual analysis of controlled interactions in design. But it is not all that Rasa Navasaitytė…

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Fast-changing technologies in a passively-evolving country. Sushant Verma from rat[LAB] at TEDxGurugram

By | News | No Comments | April 21, 2017

Image © www.rat-lab.org Research Partner of Laka, rat[LAB] is dedicated to provide design education solutions for design professionals and students through its various parallel ventures run under the vertical rat[LAB]EDUCATION, which is an initiative to spread the idea of computation in design profession & education in India. Co-Founder Sushant Verma was invited to give a TEDxTalk (Smart Cities need Smarter Design Education) at TEDxGurugram in November 2016, which is now available to view on TEDxTalks YouTube Channel here: https://youtu.be/c9vn1RV4a38 TEDxGurugram 2016…

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Laka Perspectives – you can already pre-order!

By | News | 2 Comments | April 19, 2017

We can see our dear little Laka Perspectives book on the horizon! According to our schedules, the completion process of the material will be finished by the last week of April when we are starting to prepare the whole book for printing. The book will be available for purchase already in June/July in print and digitally, and the funds raised will be fully used for the statutory activity of the Laka Foundation. Contents of Laka Perspectives (approx. 200 pages, pocket-size…

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Laka Competition 2017 – the great launch!

By | News | No Comments | April 11, 2017 Tags: , ,

Attention. Three minutes to lift-off. Laka’s Judges on board. Laka’s crew in positions. Getting ready for auto-sequence start. And there we have it. Laka’s team and their onboard computers have primary control of all the competition’s critical functions. Twelve… Nine. Eight. Seven. Main engines start. Five. Laka’s crew ready to lead the competition. Two. One. //engines are roaring… Show your space to the world! We would like to invite designers from around the world to submit their ideas of architecture that reacts…

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Laka’s thirteen – Editors’ choice 2017

By | News | No Comments | March 26, 2017 Tags: , , ,

The very special thing about the Laka Competition is that all of the Participants represent a very high level of conceptual thinking, knowledge and technical skills, as well as high awareness of global problems. Laka’s team is not directly involved in the evaluation and does not influence the neutral, impartial voting process of the Judges. However, we mindfully follow and observe it, learn and admire. We have hand-picked thirteen projects that we decided are noteworthy and should be presented to…

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Shapes of Logic 2017 | LabDigiFab

By | News | No Comments | March 14, 2017 Tags: , ,

We are happy to announce that LabDigiFab has become a partner of Laka! LabDigiFab is an organization working at Wroclaw University of Technology. The group of people, who share the passion to new technologies with current research areas: GeneticLab, Architectural Design Optimization, Bionic in Architecture, Video Mapping, Digital Fabrication. LabDigiFab creates projects on the border between art and technology and hosts an International Conference of Computational Design “Shapes of Logic”. This year’s edition of the Shapes of Logic conference takes place…

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Why People Need to Be Central to Design (Laka’s interview with Katie Crepeau)

By | News | No Comments | January 15, 2017 Tags: , , , , ,

Change is driven by people with a clear vision for the world they want to live in and dedication to make it happen. We are happy to present Laka’s interview with Katie Crepeau – an architect, writer and business consultant – in which she reveals how important it is for architects and designers to reach out to people, because… design affects. Laka: In what way can one switch from being an office-based designer to a practical designer working with people?…

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Laka Competition 2016: Results Announced!

By | News | One Comment | December 3, 2016 Tags: , , , , ,

The second edition of the Laka Competition: “Architecture that reacts” came to a close and we can hardly wait to reveal this year’s main prizes and honorable mentions, which came as a result of an animated exchange of views of the Judging Panel, consisting of leaders in architecture and design, renowned experts, educators, researchers and practitioners who determine the directions of development of modern architecture. Laka Competition is an international architectural competition which seeks innovative ideas that go far beyond…

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It always begins with the challenge area (Laka’s interview with Brennan Lake)

By | News | No Comments | November 13, 2016 Tags: , , , , , ,

Brennan Lake is the Programs Director of the Technology Exchange Lab with previous experience in ecological, low-cost innovative solutions driven by the everyday life of a squatters’ community in Chile. In the interview with Laka he speaks openly about his background in handling the gap of unsatisfied basic needs with the help of design, as well as his work at TEL. Laka: How did you decide to dedicate your professional life to empowering people to do their best to help…

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Innovation – 21st century craving (Laka’s interview with Dr. Bettina von Stamm)

By | News | No Comments | October 23, 2016 Tags: , , ,

Architect by education, innovator by nature. Founder and catalyst of the Innovation Leadership Forum. Director of Awards Program at Katerva. Scientist, lecturer and coach – ready to help designers identify the right ways of development. Meet Dr. Bettina von Stamm, who describes herself as a person in relentless pursuit of innovation. Laka: You believe in innovation as a trigger of change. How was the idea born? Bettina von Stamm: When I was trying to understand why so many organisations say…

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Echoviren: the interplay of man and nature moderated by technology

By | News | No Comments | September 20, 2016 Tags: , ,

Source of original article ARQA: Smith|Allen participated in the Project 387 Residency, located in Mendocino Country from August 4-18, 2013. In the heart of a 150-acre redwood forest, Smith|Allen has created a site responsive, 3D printed architectural installation (the largest of it’s kind): Echoviren. The project merges architecture, art and technology to explore the dialectic between man, machine and nature. The Project 387 open house and reception was Saturday, August 17. Spanning 10 x 10 x 8 feet, Echoviren is a translucent white enclosure, stark and artificial…

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Israeli Pavilion (Venice Biennale 2016): Between Biology and Architecture

By | News | No Comments | August 9, 2016 Tags: ,

The Venice Biennale is undoubtedly one of the most important architectural events in the world, so there is no surprise that the presented projects are at a high level. Many architects notice the need for changing the world and creating responsive architecture which will combine both biological and engineering approach. The project of the Israeli pavilion presents the Nanocellulose Desert Shelter and was designed by NCArchitects, professor Oded Shasayov and architect Guy Austern. It is a modern sustainable solution for…

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Max Berg Days of Architecture and Laka Exhibition

By | News | No Comments | July 15, 2016 Tags: , ,

On June 4, 2016, the Max Berg Days of Architecture, an annual event organized by the Discovery Center of the Centennial Hall took place in Wrocław, Poland. The Centennial Hall in Wrocław, where it is located, is a UNESCO heritage building, erected in 1911-13 by the architect Max Berg. The aim of the event is to spread the word and educate about architecture and urbanism, as well as new technologies in order to raise consciousness about the topics, which apply…

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The Peace and Collaborative Development Network

By | News | No Comments | July 12, 2016 Tags: , ,

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is a community of 36,000 professionals, organizations and students working together in the aim of social change, peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, development and related fields. It is one of the world’s leading platforms founded to create new and/or cross-post relevant content, as well as to enable discussion, interaction and sharing views. PCDN provides their members with information on events, jobs, funding, fellowships and relevant news and publications. Members can chat with each other, create blogs,…

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Impact Design Hub – Designing a better world

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Impact Design Hub is an online resource for architects, designers, makers and other people working in public interest, social impact, humanitarian, and community design. It is a platform, which makes use of a variety of new media, such as a blogging system, infographics, videos or webinars in the aim of sharing and enabling communication. The Hub shares information regarding competitions, raises questions of funding / fundraising and crowdfunding projects, is active in promoting education in the field of sustainable development,…

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Technology Exchange Lab: Against poverty

By | News | No Comments | July 9, 2016 Tags: , , ,

It is widely assumed that poverty is one of the biggest problems in the world. According to UNICEF, 22 000 children die everyday as a result of poverty, more than 1.2 billion of people live in extreme poverty, on a budget of just $1.25 per day, and nearly half of the world’s population – of less than $2.50 a day. One of the organizations which decided to combat poverty is Technology Exchange Lab (TEL) founded in 2009 by two MIT…

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Warka Water: Every drop counts

By | News | No Comments | July 3, 2016 Tags: , , , ,

All sorts of architectural and spatial actions originate from human needs. Warka Water, designed by the Architecture and Vision studio under the leadership of Arturo Vittori, an Italian architect and designer, is an example of a project that had its source in a clearly stated human need. The society of Ethiopia constantly suffers from the lack of drinking water. According to Water.org, for the 99-million population of Ethiopia, 42,5 million of people do not have access to drinking water, and…

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The Buckminster Fuller Institute joins our group of Partners

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We are honoured to be partners to The Buckminster Fuller Institute and Fuller Challenge! The Buckminster Fuller Challenge is an annual international competition to seek for the most comprehensive solutions that address urgent global needs. Each year, a $100,000 prize is awarded to support the ongoing development and implementation of the best solution. The Buckminster Fuller Institute, the holder of the competition, looks for whole-system solutions that address social, environmental, economic and cultural issues. This methodology is aligned with the Buckminster…

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Laka Exhibition: Science & Technology Park in Gliwice

By | News | No Comments | January 13, 2016 Tags: , , ,

Laka Competition is an international architectural competition which seeks innovative ideas of the new architecture: socially engaged, capable of reacting to unpredictable conditions (environmental, natural, social) and providing safety for its occupants. Achieving such a goal requires an interdisciplinary approach that goes far beyond typical building solutions. Our aim is to promote the best architectural designs that underline a powerful impact that architecture has on social issues. The first edition of the competition met with interest among leading architectural magazines,…

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Flow: Architecture of particles

By | News | No Comments | January 2, 2016 Tags: , , ,

Calvin Fung and Victor Huynh, authors of the Fluid Architecture and laureates of the 1st prize in the Laka Competition 2015 were recently chosen as the winners of Toronto’s Winter Stations design competition. Their entry Flow was chosen as one of four international projects and built at the beaches for the months of February and March. Nearly 400 design submissions were entered for the competition that looked to enhance the waterfront landscape during the winter months. The theme of “freeze…

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