As Laka we are honored to be partners to The Peace and Collaborative Development Network, the community which work to empower others to make a change in the world. In 2017, PCDNetwork has developed an incredible group of new services such as The Career Series, The Social Change Career Helping Line or The Social Change Career Podcast. We are more than happy to share the promotional material from PCDN, which you can find below.

PCDN 3.0 is the go-to-hub for the global social change community, connecting over 37,000 individuals/organizations engaged in social entrepreneurship, development, peacebuilding and related fields. We provide a one-stop shop to inspire, connect, inform and provide the tools and resources to scale social change. PCDN has helped thousands of organizations and individuals around the world by offering users a one-stop tool. Since its founding PCDN has had over 5,000,000 visitors and 23,000,000 page views.

PCDN has a wide range of resources that would be of interest

The Career Series – An entire year devoted to building a high impact career featuring content from some of the world’s leading social change organizations, monthly webinars and more.

The Social Change Career Helping Line – The world’s first open, expert and crowdsourced space to help individuals find the answers to the questions they have about building and advancing a career of social impact.

The Social Change Career Podcast – Featuring leading social change professionals from around the world. Honest conversations about the ups, downs and opportunities in building careers of purpose.

Blogs – We have over 13,000 blogs on a broad range of topics. PCDN is a great platform for writing or sharing content. Given our global reach many blogs see very strong traction.

Recruiting or Advertising – Many leading employers, university programs, fellowships, training institutions and service providers rely on PCDN to recruit from a global community with outstanding results.

Job, Consulting & Internship Board  – Many leading social change organizations use PCDN to recruit talent.

A scholarship/fellowship forum – Featuring many leading social change as well as impact fellowships.

Resource Guides – We offer over 50 guides on key topics in the field such as the world’s best meta job list, guide to scholarship in social change, and much more.

Daily Digest Newsletter (sign up for PCDN membership) – Provides the best curated content including jobs, fellowships, internships, blogs and more in the ecosystem of change.

Weekly Digest – A weekly summary of key content from PCDN.

Our business model is that all people and organizations can view our content free of charge. When someone signs up for an account we ask them to consider a voluntary sliding scale membership payment but do not require this.

Please check out and share PCDN 3.0 with your colleagues #beintheknow, see

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We’ve had an opportunity to conduct the interview with Dr. Craig Zelizer (Founder and CEO of PCDN) and Dr. Catalina Rojas (Director of Innovation at PCDN)  which you can find in our book “Laka Perspectives vol.1”: (a collection of 21 interviews with renowned experts from disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, computational design, digital fabrication, smart materials, mobility, and biomimicry).


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