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Architecture Reacts 2021

If you already received a coupon for discounts (as the participant of the previous editions) or were granted free participation due to a difficult financial situation – please submit your registration form, but do not proceed to the payment; we will receive your registration info anyway and will contact you via email shortly.

Please fill in the information about the contact person below and proceed with the registration payment. You don’t need to be a PayPal user to make a registration payment – once proceed to the payment window of PayPal, you can choose an option of making a transfer using your credit card (the option is available at the bottom: “Pay with a card”). If you need an invoice for your participation, or have any difficulties with the registration, please do not hesitate to contact us at  Please check out and join Laka’s second international competition: Design that Educates Awards!

All registration fees and donations are spent on the further development of the awards. Thank you! If you are in a difficult financial situation and are not able to pay the registration fee, don’t worry! Please contact us to receive a discount or free access.

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