Alveolus is a skyscraper that works as a colossal urban air purifier, capturing pollutants such as smog from the atmosphere, through large cylindrical vents that suck in great amounts of air which is later on channelled into aluminized air bags for compression into smaller volumes. After compression, it is later on released into the Activated Carbon Chambers. A regeneration centre with the electrochemical cell is situated nearby the chambers in order to restore the carbon adsorbent. After channelling the mixture through the Activated Carbon Chambers, the air passes through the vertical farm where it is naturally purified and released into the city.

Alveolus exhibits a housing scheme for its working staff and tourists who wish to travel and explore this ‘floatscraper’. The housing scheme boasts 3D printed residential units, walkways and elevators that transform the space into a microcosmic urban village. A vertical farm working on hydroponic systems is located below to feed the residents. Energy for the building is sourced from an ion based power facility that generates high voltage electricity from naturally occurring ions in the air. This electricity is also used in the electrolysis chamber that takes in water from the tank and produces oxygen for the village and hydrogen gas for inflating the doughnut blimp.

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