We love spending hours harvesting crops in ‘Heyday’ through our tiny smartphone. We like to develop our virtual world, arrange internal stuff according to our decisions and let people know about our creativity. Why people don’t prefer doing these in reality? Isn’t it beautiful to come out of your limitations through the cheapest and easiest way available? Rise of Nations, Clash of Clans, and Dragon world- these freemium games rapidly snatching our attention, projecting our dreams into an LED screen.

Our obsession is interrupted when we realize our limitations in the virtual world. Yes, we definitely have our intention to touch and feel what we furnished in the virtual world. Is it possible to create a complete amalgam between the physical and non-physical world we live in?

Nowadays cities are being over-populated day by day. We are talking about, Dhaka city of Bangladesh placed in south Asia. With the increase in its population, the living cost is also getting high. Dhaka ranked 47th in ‘Cost of Living City Rankings 2019’ and its living cost rose by 6% in 2018. 47,400 people are living on each square kilometer and in the near future, the number will be increased drastically. As a result, middle-income people will no longer be able to afford spacious apartments or residences. Typically now many house-holds can occupy 3 bedrooms with adjacent toilets, one dining-room, and one drawing-room. Can all these functionalities be comprised within a single room with adaptable interactive modular furniture?

A 16’x18’ structure with attached toilet and kitchen facility is fixed as a module, which can be transformed for any kind of function through a mobile application. The total structure is comprised of 72 adjustable blocks (2’x2’). Each block is placed over linear actuators, by which they can be uplifted to any height. The entire structure is wrapped with high-resolution projector panels, which automatically respond to the user’s preference.
The module can be adjusted through both augmented and virtual reality. An intertwined mobile application will help the user to arrange and adjust the heights of the blocks. Users have their freedom to change the textures, visual attributes and projections of the window panels. Once their operations are done, those remain saved and the application allows them to re-arrange according to their needs. For example, after waking up in the morning if the user wants to transfigure the room from ‘Bedroom’ to ‘Dining room’, he/she will just press the saved ‘Dining room’ button.

Users of this particular facility can share their status and compositions in social media, where people have options to appreciate and participate in. Such as, if anyone offers a dinner after a party, other users just need to scan his surroundings through Smartphone or wear a VR box to visualize. Though the application people can expose their thoughts, ideas and advertise their creativity. In such a way our physical world forming virtual reality, helping us to incorporate in a more dynamic way.

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