Aquatic Center „Wodny Park Tychy”

Laka2020 249 Design
Authors’ description:

If not us – who? If not now – when? This ecological educational revolution happened thanks to the cooperation of residents, officials, investors, scientists, and architects. For nearly 10 years, thanks to thinking “out of the box”, we have been working on answers to 3 key problems of our civilization. This is the story of Water Park Tychy:

WHY? Because we are living:
• in times of ecological crisis, when we have to breath carcinogenic air, we no longer can do “business as usual”;
• in an era of a cacophony of data from unproven sources, we need to educate new generations so that they can resist lies.
• in the world of smartphones, we focus too much time on the virtual world, and too little on relationships with our loved ones;
Can we do something? Yes, we can.

Ecology – Waste to Waste Waste
Typical Aquaparks consume huge amounts of energy. It was impossible to use geothermal, windmills, and solar panels. We have used wet waste from citizens. The success of this project is based on cooperation. Residents create waste – renewable energy source, that is processed by municipal water supplier. As a result of co-fermentation, biogas is formed and purified from CO2 by algae. Specially built pipeline joins Aquapark. Water Park is an energy hub where electricity and heat are produced on a massive scale. Then overproduction is transmitted to the city (electricity for trolleybuses and hot utility water). This is the energy loop – “Tyskie Perpetuum Mobile”.

Education 2.0 – Learning by touch
The use of ecological solutions is just the beginning. Our idea was to reach the widest possible audience and inspire them with knowledge that can be touched and experienced. That is why Educational Center is part of a recreational facility. The main focus is the water and climate changes described on 36 interactive stands. Multimedia helps to understand complex issues in an empirical way.

Education 3.0 – Learning through play
Water Park Tychy is the first of its kind where Architecture Gamification was designed. What is it? It is a method of using motivational mechanics used in computer games for situations that are not games. The idea that guided us was to improve interpersonal relationships. In the smartphone world, we wanted to create the opportunity to spend the adventure with the whole family or friends. This is like the story of “Indiana Jones”, to save the last drop of water. The entire facility is part of this educational game in which puzzles, speakers, screens and sensors are hidden. There are 80,000 solutions, making each game unique. Participants learn through play without even being aware of it.

Water Park Tychy refers to nature. The chameleon plates emulate local lake looking different depending on the time of day. Skylights made of ETFE foil fill the interior with natural light, and enables sunbathing inside the building. The object combines the aspect of recreation and education, using gamification of architecture for the first time.

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