In today’s society, the way people work independently or cooperatively has changed a lot. Working in a shared box like they used to do has many limitations. They have more complex demands, as well as various kinds of jobs. So this design is to find a way to meet their requirements, including potential ones. Rather than listing a lot of programs, which may occupy too much space in our city, I get my inspiration from the biological concept “archaeocyte”, which means a kind of cells with the ability of celluar differentiation. To be more specific, this one type of cell could evolve into several kinds of cells which form different functional organs of human beings through the process of differentiation. Comparatively, I think architecture’s cell, namely the spacial units of an architecture, could also entertain this kind of ability which could make them transform into different kinds of space in order to meet different demands, by only one kind of mechanism. My design’s mechanism here is the rotation of the working units. Applying this method, the three most generic demands of co-workers, “independence”, “display” and “cooperation” could be met, corresponding to three status of rotation. Futhermore, cooperating with the fixed public space, more complex programs could be realized. In this board, the process of deduction is listed on the right part, as well as the composition of this building and the perspective before transformation & after that. Most importantly, the section perspective below holistically shows the transformation of space, program and people’s possible activities.

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