Laka2020 143 DesignAuthors’ description:
‘Waking up to the reality I know, at least I think I know, ruminating over the sense of my own existence, every day. And here I go again looking through the window, elevated, suspended over intensity of urban life. My nest gives me a sense of safety and in some way freedom. Last drop of coffee reminds me of the inevitable encounter of the city, this gigantic organism, a child of 21 century. My condition does not allow me to fully embark and emerge myself in this constant happening below me. I am anxious about the feeling of panic overflooding me again once I leave my apartment. Though I must make a move, participate and fulfil the responsibility of an element building the machine. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that city has no allure to me, but its 2050 and things have changed significantly since I was a child. Most of the global population lives in the cities, urban expansion is unstoppable and changes regarding human health and wellbeing are accelerating. Those like me want to jump in the unknown but we are simply frightened of losing the balance. We know about those who already swim, who let go and float. How to reach this state though while I am still confined by the imaginary boundaries of my own mind. Imagine the duality of experience, you are strolling through the arteries of the city, watching the happening unfolding in front of you, you are full of awe but your heart is panting and you are scared of losing control over your inner balance. If only there was a space allowing you to withdraw for a brief moment and regain the equilibrium. I heard about those pods from a stranger, who probably sensed the fragility of my own mind. He described them to me as a remedy/ a cure to our anxious nature. Equipped in navigating app/ bracelet I left my apartment in search of this urban myth.’

As our urban environments become increasingly overpopulated a curious correlation can be made between those suffering with anxiety in these environments. We are always surrounded, from the moment we leave our door we feel watched by all, we try not to draw attention to ourselves for fear of being the spectacle. Our anxious minds want to hide and breathe.

Our proposal ‘Balance’ is a multi-sensory isolation booth. The booth when idol will be seen as a simple piece of urban infrastructure, like a post-box or a phone-booth. When in need the booth’s twelve plates will rotate to reveal an entrance, once the occupant is safely inside it will close up to isolate the occupant, in doing this the structure creates an internal nook for the occupant to rest and re-balance their anxious minds.

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