Collective Conscious

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Collective Conscious
In the future, humanity’s consciousness will be able to be uploaded into a cloud. With this new technology, we can use data-driven memorials to allow us to reduce the size of cemeteries. Instead of reusing burial land or creating more land, a shared memorial that allows visitors to remember their deceased loved ones is proposed.

Present-day cemeteries take up green space and require maintenance to upkeep for a space that is hardly populated. Urban cities, such as San Francisco and New York City, are at risk of running out of burial space. Do we still need a tomb stone and plot of land to memorialize the dead if it is unsustainable?

With the dead’s consciousness being able to be uploaded to a cloud, strands of their data can be remembered. The visitor enters the dream-hut and goes into a dreaming state, which will prime the body to allow for the loved one’s consciousness to enter their mind. The mind becomes the automobile which they can explore the virtual world or memories that come forth.

With Collective Conscious, the dead is no longer truly dead. They are transformed. They are in a different medium where people can go visit their loved ones.

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