Crisis Shelter for All

Authors’ description:
When disasters come in sudden, safety of life is the first priority. If there is no place to escape, no buildings to hide, do we still have options? Is the only thing we can do is waiting for death? This is what happens to people who live in the rural area all around the world. Flash floods/ earthquakes/ storms/ debris flows/ tsunamis, even in the age we can send people to the moon, mankind is still facing the threat of natural disasters. Their overwhelming power can still easily get us killed in seconds. Just like how they did to us from million years ago, they will still be our nightmares for a long while. In today’s city planning, most of the resources were used to improve infrastructures in metro areas. In most part of the world, Firefighting vehicles, tornado shelters are benefits for city citizens only. In flooding situation, the dam will even release flood to a rural area to protect dam and city downstream. People who live in rural areas are forgotten by the system and treated unfairly. Which makes them the most vulnerable group in front of disasters. To solve this problem, we designed this disaster shelter that can react to the multiform of disasters. All components can be taken apart and carried by small vehicles. By replacing components, this shelter can have different functions for different situations.

Because the design purpose is to improve the convenience of relocating and simplicity of construction. Component type number and component size will be minimized. To enhance the structure strength and reduce weight, the main frame will be made of Aluminum alloy. In the process of construction, reusable attachment mechanic will be used to reduce building complexity. So even normal people can build the shelter without any screw or nails. A central engine and air conditioner unit is the core component of this shelter. By burning clean fuel source, it can generate electricity that supports air/lighting/water filtering systems in all condition. Different systems will work together to achieve the highest efficiency. In best condition, this shelter should support personals for more than two weeks. So rescue team can have enough time to save people in more serious condition.

When people come into the shelter, each family or group of three will acquire a private zone. Each shelter can support 8 fans. The private zone is divided by multilayer sound blocking board. By making sound and visual barriers, this will improve the feeling of safety and increase the bond between individuals. The rural area is the source of mankind’s food and agriculture material. It is the base and origin of our civilization. It is our duty to make the rural area a more livable place so the foundation of our civilization can be more stable. A safer place to go when disasters come can be a very good place to start.

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