Hope Box

Laka2020 200 DesignAuthors’ description:
This Project aims to connect love for People, Nature and Music; three Elements that have been the essence of a special person who gave up his comfortable life to provide hope to those in need through his altruist foundation.
This is Romayne Wheeler; the main inspiration for HopeBox. To him I dedicate this project, looking to make a statement of his vision and his work throughout this world. Even after he’s gone.

Romayne Wheeler
Romayne (1942) is a piano player, composer, poet, artist and researcher who is best known for devoting his life works to the Raramuri “Tarahumara” native people in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.
Born in California, Wheeler has lived in several places throughout the world. In 1980, after seeing some photos in a National Geographic magazine, the Sierra Tarahumara catched his eye with its beautiful canyons, waterfalls and breathtaking scenery.

Spending months studying the dances and music from the Tarahumara ethnic culture, in 1992 he decided to live permanently in this remote area, bringing his solar piano with him and living among caves and rocks in the most hidden part of the beautiful copper canyon.

Most of his compositions are born having as inspiration the elements surrounding the beautiful landscapes and nature sounds from la Sierra. Wheeler remains an active musician, touring internationally always returning to his quiet and glorious home in the Tarahumara. All of his income is used to support his Tarahumara community and his people building hospital clinics, schools and fighting hunger and sickness.

The Raramuri or Tarahumaras are well known for being gentle, peaceful, happy and soulful people.
Sadly, the lack of rain, the extreme weather conditions, the limited government programs, the drug cartels, the poor connectivity, among many other disadvantages, these communities suffer illnesses, famine and lack of opportunities.

Hope Box is inspired in Wheeler`s latest Album called Music Box.
The purpose of this project is to boost Wheeler`s music concerts so he can continue to share his music around the world enabling him to keep the foundation alive. A Box, being the center of the project, in the middle of a designated area, gather the strings in motion making the trees fly in the air up and down to the water down below evoking the Tarahumara breathtaking Landscape and water sounds. Simultaneously this soft movement of cables, activates a mechanical music box playing Romayne´s sweet compositions for the people around to pause for a moment and enjoy.  These trees are kokedamas (Japanese technic meaning moss ball) taken to a large scale. The Faces of the Box are meant to provide moving images of the Pianist, the community and his work at the Tarahumara inviting the viewer to join the foundation and continue to help these people in need.
Hope Box can become an installation that can be sold to airports, plazas and buildings in order to keep the foundation alive. It is meant to be a way to keep his music and philanthropic work alive all over the world.

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