In Absencia

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In Absencia
When Absence becomes the Greatest Presence

Human settlements have been the primary cause of biological degradation in the world. The state of our coasts continues to decline each year as a result of human intervention and we need to act now. If human settlements cause harm to our environment then we should steer away from the further building in these areas and challenge the idea of building somewhere else.
The In Absencia concept aims to create a self-sustaining community away from the shore and into the sea. By incorporating sustainable provisions that would procreate a more responsible lifestyle among its users, we could promulgate a better symbiotic relationship between man and nature.

Energy Elephants
These structures are the main energy harvesters of the development which obtains energy through wave kinetics and wind pressure motion.

Floating Housing Pods
Interconnected but interdependent, the self-sufficient housing pods can function on its own by harvesting its own resources but is deeply embedded in its own community.


The structure responsible for a bulk of renewable energy harvesting and the sole creator of components such as the housing modules, waste collectors and artificial marine biological components. The Nexus is the heart of the new ecosystem development. Commercial Spaces, open community spaces, leisure and offices are housed in this structure. It will be utilized starting at Phase 2 wherein it collects plastic waste and harvests renewable energy to prepare for the creation of the other components at the succeeding phases.

Organic Growth Development Facing

Phase 01: Energy Elephants
The Energy Elephants are the pioneers for this development. The succeeding phases would require a good amount of energy. Therefore for this phase the main goal is to harvest as much energy as needed.

Phase 02: Nexus
In phase 02, the Nexus core pods are put up. Each pod houses spaces for public and semi-public spaces such as for agriculture, aquaculture, and green open spaces. This makes them great nodes to be accessed by both inhabitants and visitors. During this phase, plastic waste-harvesting through the core pods occurs as well. The harvested plastic is then turned into filaments for 3d printing the rest of the development.

Phase 03: Creation of Urban Network
A solid foundation is the focus in this phase. With biomimicry as its main inspiration, a network pattern is established that takes into consideration node connections, void spaces, accessibility of the site and wave attenuation.

Phase 04: Interdependent Ecosystem
For the final phase, settlements and community spaces are arrayed throughout the organic framework. A sustainable and biodiverse lifestyle is then procreated.

We do not see In Absencia as the sole Noah’s Ark solution to the pressing problems of our world. We see it as hope for humans to see everything in a different light. We are one with everyone in hoping for a better future.

About the Team
DADA or Deo Alrashid Design Architecture is a dynamic design studio that aims to cultivate the future of architecture as a form of art.

Team Members:
Deo Alam – Principal Architect
Amador Belgica – Architect
Kiezl Salvador – Architect
Franz Diaz – Architectural Designer
Denise Chang – Architectural Designer
Andre Gutierrez – Architectural Designer
Geo Ravago – Architectural Designer
Julia de Santos – Architectural Designer

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