Lingered stele

Authors’ description:

Lingered stele – city memory cloud disk, an Internet of things system, is aiming at to solve the issue of the passage of urban culture in old city transform. This is an interdisciplinary practice.

The project is result from reflections on the urbanization of Qingdao, an eastern Chinese city. Due to its special history, Qingdao has formed a large number of China-foreign eclectic style builds – “Liyuan”. However, as a result of the development of Qingdao city, a large number of Liyuan buildings were expropriated and demolished, and the city memory was erased, and the city culture gradually faded away since this year.

Now, with the rapid development of economy, many cities are facing the problem of city culture fault in China. How to solve the contradiction between urban development and cultural inheritance? It is undesirable to passively preventing old city reconstruction and urban renewal. So, we wanted to be able to design a device that would keep the city’s memories alive by interacting with citizens. Lingered stele is a cuboid I size of 1800 mm × 400 mm × 400 mm. First of all, it gives people visual impact with a 4.5:1 aspect ratio. Then, through the operation of the device, urban culture is transformed into a tangible entity – City Memory Cube. As the carrier of city memory, City Memory Cube is designed to be 200mm × 200mm cube, integrating made by UV glue and old city demolition waste, showing people the life trace and cultural scene of the city.

Main function of Lingered stele is to strengthen the value of urban memory to the interlocutors through interaction, so that urban memory can be preserved in the hands of the interlocutor in the form of artwork, rather than disappear with the disappearance of the old city.

Lingered stele is born in the crevices of the old town building with the process of expropriation and demolition and formed a hidden network, similar to a distributed storage disk, storing and reading city memory.

Lingered stele is a kind of urban furniture, can enhance the attractiveness of urban public space. It will become the center of space within a certain range because of its concise spatial volume design with upward trend and a clear sense of space around it will be formed.

Lingered stele can use the construction waste and UV glue to translate city memory as memory products by art method – City Memory Cube. Lingered stele projects city memory in the old city into City Memory Cube. Through the cube, people can place the memory of the past life scenes, and thus wake up the memory of the city.

Lingered stele encouraged citizens to their collection and contribution to the raw material. The constant interaction with citizens makes the form of city memory more real, rich and perfect during the whole process of expropriation and demolition.

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