Lost in the City

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Lost in the city
Let yourself to explore the city and perception is the only way to drive your choice.

As Hong Kong is a city of skyway network, the function of the public space is eliminated because the pedestrians are kept away from the ground level. The project is questioning the rationality in people’s decision making during way finding. Why efficiency is the major consideration in the daily life while emotion becomes the second?

In the future, lifestyle should be personalization-oriented, public space will encourage individual participation, explorations and uncertainty, which allows people to create their own place and to explore their city. A new set of environmental psychology includes “leisured”, “adventurous”, “unconstrained”, “audacious” and “perception”, will be applied into the basic necessities of life, food, transport and entertainment. An alternative circulation system is proposed and leads to a random movement of people. There is an uncertainty on the existing time and location of the pop-up spaces at the crossing points, a new set of psychology is encouraged to restructure the city’s culture. The number of points are connected together to form an invisible circulation system, which restructures the urban into a “maze”, encourages explorations in the city.

01. The Circuit dining room (Repeating, Leisured, restaurant)
Enjoy a meal with unexpected duration through repeating cycles.

The venue and time spending on a meal is unexpected, it can be 2,3 hrs, or even longer. Having meals is not only about eating, the dining room is a personal space which people can express their interest, everybody should have the freedom to do what they want during the meal. People will be more focus and enjoy their meal when they cannot expect the time.

02. The Drifting passage / The Nomadic street life (Restructuring, Adventurous, street)
Restructuring the street life.

The function of a street is not fixed, it can be changed and restructured by the activities of pedestrians. A street is not only a place for passing through, it can also be a place that people spend time on their interest.

03. The momentary theater (Reframing, Audacious, stage)
Reframing the pedestrian road.

Everyone can frame their role in the public space, the character of pedestrians is not limited by the surrounding environment.

04. The private cake factory (Regrouping, Unconstrained, bakery)
Regrouping the ingredients of food.

Food is customized by the customers, which allows choice-making and participation of customers during the food process, also allows them to witness the whole process.

05. The shifting garden (Reorganizing, Unconstrained, park)
Reorganizing the garden space.

Park can be a private garden that people can personalize their space, no rules should be applied to a private space. People are free to express their personal interest and decide on the variety of plants.

06. The secret playground (Refocusing, Perception, playground)
Refocusing on the personal interest.

Entertainment should be extemporaneous and happen at every time and everywhere. A playground should be a place that people can decide their experience but not by the surrounding environment.

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