MOD CITY (new Hong Kong international airport)

In 1935, Le Corbusier proclaimed: “The airplane is the symbol of the new age.”

Nearly 100 years later, current airports struggle to physically expand, contract and adapt to continually changing flows, landscapes, climates, political atmospheres and technologies.

Inspired by the futuristic visions of Archigram, New Babylon and Cedric Price’s electronically controlled Generator project, this proposal seeks to leave the airport building at the mercy of AI.

The AI produces, rearranges and stacks different types of modules on a reticular megastructure that spans the length of Chek Lap Kok island.

This approach rejects the idea of an “object building” and adopts instead a system-based building that can constantly transforms to always function at maximum efficiency.

The megastructure creates a separation between man-made environments and natural ecosystems. In this way, relationships between these two systems can be observed and controlled for mutual benefit. The divorce of “inside” and “outside” implemented by man is taken to its extreme conclusion in this experimental project.

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