No Boundaries

030 No Boundries (2)

Authors’ description:

The design is located at the end of the campus axis.
The main axis of the campus river passes through the site.
However, the existing campus water system is abandoned and many big trees have grown.
In a place where many kinds of people on the campus pass by, a borderless learning place
is designed.  Interactive field. The design adopts AR technology to virtualize our place.
What we hope to create is a space that is as important as reality.
Virtual space is different from real space. It can be changed at any time, can be customized,
and can be moved. This is the difference between virtual space and real space.
The design of units and devices that can adapt to various places is universal.
The device can change the circle and perform analysis and data combinations without
any boundaries.  Including the boundaries of the crowd, the boundaries of the walls,
and the boundaries of the determined flow lines are all broken in our design.
There are changes in human and architecture, human and computer, human and human interaction,
and this constitutes our theme-NO BOUNDARIES

Process: from the design of the building unit to the process of building operation,
the process has always implemented our design, we want to create a learning place that
can be suitable for many places and can be customized according to data analysis and
collection. When space becomes software, the process becomes an important part of the
software space.

In the future
except for the walls and necessary furniture as the space division and load bearing objects,
the other parts are all controlled by the virtual platform, and a customized virtual space is
formed by collecting user needs and personality data. The integration of virtual and reality
can make the space more diversified. The same space can be given various functions according
to the needs of users. In this design, we also added an “information column”.
The “information column” collects the “playback” of activities in each time period
in the space, and can make an appointment to retrieve historical images in the space
at any time. The design of the virtual roof adopts the control mechanism of the big
data center, and generates the virtual roof according to the data of people’s walking path,
group information, and staying informed. The height difference of the virtual roof can
bring users a sense of place and movement, and the bottom of the roof will dynamically
change with the movement of the user, finally generating an interactive virtual roof.
The formation and development of personality are inseparable from the mutual influence of
the individual and the surrounding environment. Because of the direct or implicit
guidance or pressure of the group, the individual personality and behavior change in
the same direction. The lively groups collect technology through each other and reflect
the integration of architectural space.

The quiet group in the enclosed space is slowly integrated into the social space
under the influence of the lively group. Let go of the lively space step by step
and blend into the social space. By collecting human body temperature, guide the
quiet crowd affected by the lively crowd to the open space

Ultimately, we want to create a field for no limitations of
identity/knowledge/places/get to know someone…..there are
no boundaries for everything to study here. any virtual and
reality things are controlled by the system to make a good function
and create a good “coincidence”.

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