Parallel Park

Laka2020 217 DesignAuthors’ description:
We live in a heterogeneous world where cultures and groups increasingly come into contact, blend and intertwine with one another. What happens when various external sources are tasked with reacting to these flash points of exchange and interchange?

PARALLEL PARK is a digital environment neighborhood which draws a critical line between contemporary digital presence and the real world which is an entire stake-less buffer strip into daily life, which include the similarities and differences between craft, art ,design and its relation of streets and retreats.

The project aims to collaborate these interactions with the in-between spaces and give it a platform to re-generate multiple possibilities and combinations. PARALLEL PARK consists of RESTING PODS , Water Harvesting BUBBLE for self-sustaining the park and to provide filtered water for transients , SLANT WALL for users to rest and interact for shorter time frame, REACTIVE BIOPHILIC PLANTS reacts on amount of UV light on the module and a PERFORMACE STAGE

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