Laka2020 157 DesignAuthors’ description:
POP-UP is a series of hidden apparatus that react to the advancing city lifestyle by transforming urban spaces into attractions. The network of apparatus opens up the possibilities to host a cross-city special event that involves multiple neighborhoods.

POP-UP is disbursed public service. The form of urban programs, such as public libraries, public museums, and big performance center has been around for thousands of years and failed to evolve as the urban lifestyle did. People need to visit a centralized location at a specific time to engage with them, which is getting more and more difficult. POP-UP is to dissolve them into daily life and different neighborhood.

POP-UP is to empower the public space with function and to embody the public function with form. The transformative reaction turns a sidewalk into a museum, a bus stop into a library and an idle spaced into a performance stage. At the same time, the reacting apparatus becomes a part of the cultural identity.
POP-UP is reacting to the dynamic urban environment and can function as a single spot and as a network that stitches the city together.

POP-UP is using a simple one-motion mechanism to fold the functioning urban apparatus flat into the invisible surrounding – the urban space itself.

POP-UP imagines Manhattan as the test location. By analyzing the urban space in Manhattan, the design finds out three mechanisms that can be applied in under a situation. Moreover, the design includes three types of activity. As a result, a family of nine designs is proposed. They are made by a light structure including aluminum, acrylic, and fabric, and can be easily deployed to the city space and activate the neighbors with different activities.

The physical structure is just the front end of a system. Behind it is the change of the logic of the city’s cultural institute. Pop-up provides another possibility for both the editor/curator and invite more people to work on this flexible editable platform for a variety of contents.

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