PROTOCELL is a prefabricated mechanism, which allows every new owner to grow from water and CO2 fully custom house, in freely chosen location.

Protocell is a project for domestic living, which superimposes the efficiency of prefabricated structures with the flexibility of custom design and adaptable space.

The amount of CO2 pollution has dramatically increased in recent years. On 13 May 2019 the CO2 level hit historic high. The building industry contributes more than 33% to this production of CO2 into our atmosphere. Due to this, the projects main aim is to find a way of converting harmful emissions into a clean air, through an ecologically clean building material.

The proposal is based on an invention made by MIT group led by engineer Angela Belcher, where they have been able to generate 1 kg of carbon bricks out of 0.5 kg of CO2. This method is inspired by marine animals that build their own rock-solid shells from CO2 and mineral ions dissolved in seawater. Instead of using marine animals researchers developed a way of using genetically modified yeast with the genes code from abalone. Transformation is happening in process of mineral carbonation, during which CO2 emissions is converted to sustainable building material.

The main aim to develop this project was to find alternative way for building domestic housing. Protocell is a system which allows inhabitants to develop their own elastic spacial concept. It gives possibility to build fully custom designed house for a price of cheep prefabricated housing. Furthermore, with the expansion owners are engaging and contributing to development of the public space. Our project is aiming at cooperation between human, nature and technology.

The Protocell, as a prefabricated system, contains from inside piping system, outside panels, furniture and special equipment. Pipes have multiple functions: at first they provide special mixture, which allows the growing process to happen. Later on pipes provide all the necessary utilities, like water, heating and electricity.

The growing process is formed in 4 stages.

After delivering Protocel_00 is connected to the city grid, which provides access to all necessary utilities.

When the system is connected, Protocell_01 starts to analyze the environment, spacial conditions and parameters like: number of inhabitants, amount of square meters, location, neighbors interactions, environmental conditions and housing program. After the computing process is over, panels are moving to the desire location and the growing process starts.

When panels stop, the capillary system starts to work. Special mix of water, genetically modified yeast and mineral ions is pumped from city grid to system. Piping system is redistributing this fluid to panels. Later on, with use of micro pipes embedded in panels, the growing process start.

After few hours furniture and all the necessary equipment is placed, also slabs and stairs are grown. After few days the outer shell is fully grown and the house of Protocell_03 is ready to be inhabited.

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