Regen Pods

regen pods
A multifaceted design approach for tomorrow

In this age of hyperconnectivity and intense development, the underlying reality that everything is intertwined has become too evident to ignore. Consequences from what used to be discrete issues augment each other to create bigger dilemmas. This project, entitled REGEN PODS, recognizes the need for a multifaceted approach where different solutions are compounded as well in order to produce an impact larger than if each were carried out independently.

Putting this into practice, the Regen Pods target issues on different scales; namely, the individual, the community, the city, and the environment. Different strategies and technologies corresponding to these levels come together to address them effectively.

One of these strategies is the significance of the public mood, which increasingly has become more sensitive and reactive to social events and developments. Thus, being able to evaluate this affective state then lends itself as a significant tool to gauge the effectiveness of current practices and to preempt attitudes towards future endeavors.

In this regard, the project identifies public transportation infrastructure as an excellent channel to adapt the technology that can accomplish such a task.

The Philippine context, where recent trends in public dissatisfaction have been highly connected to an inadequate and substandard transportation network, provides the perfect setting to introduce the project.

The project aims to achieve the following:

Address the issue of public transportation by creating well-designed ferry terminals and providing a viable alternative to help decongest the metro, thus improving the commuting experience.

Develop within locals a sense of kinship with the public buildings by giving them the ability to imprint onto the building their personal opinions, desires and personalities. Consequently, this would also encourage the locals to take care and maintain public buildings over time.

Create constant, real-time indicators of public mood and opinion that can serve as a means to visually manifest the voices of the constituency to send a message to those in power and/or to be a means of unification for people to take a stand on certain events.

Foster a platform for community interaction and development by visually stimulating emotions and interaction among the users of the terminals and between the structure and the urban fabric.

Create biodiversity/permaculture by creating a development that doesn’t deplete nature but restores it.

Moreover, the façades can be used to gauge different trends ranging from the emotional states of individuals (such as whether they are happy, indifferent, or even depressed) to the public opinion on specific matters (such as those about recent social events and developments).

The proposal acts as a pilot that exemplifies how this technology can be paired with well-designed public spaces in order to help facilitate the conversation between leaders and constituents about the political and physical landscapes they move in and create.

Architecture Strategies

Solar PVC LED Panels
Ever changing and adapting LED panels exclusively powered by solar panels that is controlled by an automated system. This system gives the users the control on the visual destiny of the façade and interior walls

Habitat Enhancement Structures
These arrangements attract different species of fish, acting as supplementary points of shelter, spawning and food sources. Paired with more favorable water conditions, this would help further encourage the reanimation of the river’s biodiversity.

Hydroelectric Power Station
Harnessing the renewable resource of Pasig river as a means for sustainable energy harvesting. Not only would this provide energy for the structure but also activate the once prominent river.

With a network of Regen Pods in place along the Pasig River, the impact of the project is envisioned to be perceived throughout the capital region. At the citywide scale, cargo and public transportation will be decongested allowing for smoother commute and travel within urban areas. As the numerous terminals clean away the pollution and decay, the river and its esteros become healthy and reanimated with life and beauty.

Impacts are also made on smaller scales as such with the communities around each terminal as they become personalized and have unique experiences defined by the individuals passing through them. All of these improvements then coalesce to create a better setting for each citizen to go about their daily goings. Though very little in scale, this design intervention when perceived collectively produces massive impacts in improving the life of the city and the lives of the people in it.

Looking ahead, with the multitude of problems in today’s world, finding the moments where these problems intersect to construct multifaceted solutions is the way to continue moving forward without getting left behind by our own development. Regen Pods stands as an example of how we can evaluate different issues, identify their common grounds and find opportunities within their solutions to create effective and holistic results. This mindset is what responsible designing for the future is like.

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