Social [Justice] Media


The museum should strive to create a new-world idea and symbol for the cause of civil rights and social justice. The museum should become an icon that would generate mass awareness on the aforementioned issues and provide an interpretive learning experience for the visitors on various aspects and events of the civil rights movement, becoming a ‘virtual epicenter’ for the resistance against tyranny.

This project has been designed with inspiration candlelight marches which are in full swing to restore the value of democracy against unequal civil rights and social injustice. This museum is located on Liberty Island with Statue of Liberty in New York but it is not the only place for citizenship and social justice in New York and the United States. It is an architectural device that reflects in real time how human rights situation and justice of the world is working in people’s everyday life as well as the center for those activities.

When people send messages (tweets) to this museum about their city’s human rights and social justice using their smartphones, each unit connected wirelessly to each area receives the electronic signals and changes the angle of the unit by the mechanical system. The angle is towards that region. The tilt of the unit indicates that the decline in human rights and social justice in the region decrease. The more changes will make the whole landscape of the Liberty Museum different continuously. Our wish is that these museum units are standing straight up all the way to the sky, that means the human rights and social justice of the whole world are in good situation. With this point, we call this Liberty Museum as ‘Social Justice Media’. It is a social media of a new style as an object which mutually reacts in real time, not merely an explanatory museum to go see the exhibits.

To the contrast of the Statue of Liberty which is a single, huge vertical monument of the former method, the new born ‘Social Justice Media’ has been generated by horizontality, collectiveness, diversity, and landscape. We propose a possibility at this place as new typological monument. The congestion of the NYC skyscrapers in the background associated with this place. If the torch of the Statue of Liberty has represented a single idea, hundreds of water droplets here are measuring sensors of diverse values and various regions. Visitors can experience this down here, even on the water surface, even above, among others, and each unit shows the situation of human rights and justice in each region of the world in real time on the projection surface.

The Liberty Island will now be an island of human rights and social justice not only in New York but also in the whole world. The structure that supports a unit which may be a small flame or a small teardrop is designed with inspiration of the pillar structure of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York which collapsed by terror.

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