Stick Snap Stack

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Authors’ description:

Stick Snap Stack

Stick Snap Stack explores a flexible and reconfigurable construction method to support the culture of ‘temporary’ architecture. As globalization and consumer culture produce homogenized built environments, cities celebrate heterogeneous desires from diverse people through flexible and transient spaces. Temporary seating, tables, cafes, stores, playgrounds, urban theaters, and distinct eventful spaces are appearing and disappearing. Stick Snap Stack is a study to produce an alternative construction method to offer a resilient framework to contemporary cities. The project explores a universal ‘part-to-whole’ system by simple ‘stacking’ using diversely adaptable aggregation. Learning from the method of traditional wood joints, the product integrates the culture of wood with advanced manufacturing techniques. The system allows people to build a structure with no need for skilled labor without involving bonding agents (nails, glue, etc). It utilizes a coordinated joint system which is fully reversible and reconfigurable. The aggregation can be disassembled at the end of the program’s life by a single person to be reconfigured into another use. Reconfigurability is a tool for sustainability. Stick Snap Stack will provide opportunities for people to participate in the dynamics of city-making via a flexible construction system to reinvent the resilient performance of the city.

Jin Young Song
Founding Principal of Dioinno Architecture PLLC: Instability Design Lab.
Associate Professor at SUNY BUFFALO Architecture Department.

Dan Vrana, Jongmin Shim

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