The aim of the project is to enable a physical connection between all kinds of ships and boats inside the water. These surfaces are based on gathering real time data from the port area (data such as the number of entering people, the size of the ships, the number of ships, etc.) and by that creating an intelligent network of ships, people and public surfaces. “On Demand” deals with the notion of Adjusting Architecture, responding, trying to predict and creating exactly what is necessary for each moment. This is reactive architecture in the sense that these surfaces pop up whenever they are needed, and disappear whenever this need no longer exists.

The project deals with the future of human society and tries to offer an international architectural language that will bring our built environment closer to what we expect and need from the way we live today, as well as in one hundred years from now. The mixture of programs and the use of real time data can create this ever-changing and reacting self-organizational architecture.

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