The Argument for Sea Level Rise

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The argument for sea level rise- design that reacts

The seas are rising

It affects everyone
From where I sit, it does not seem to be my problem

So you don’t stay along the sea, is that your argument?

Even in this present day and age, the symbiotic nature of the lives of all inhabitants on this planet cannot be overlooked. There is enough empirical evidence to support sea level rise, and to predict the levels of the oceans in the times to come if it goes unchecked.
Are you sure?

What do you mean?
The rise is so slight that it is hard to perceive. And hence the effects impossible to gauge. I’m not sure it is actually happening

And what if I could show you? Would that change your opinion? Would that be incentive enough to act?

The proposal

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, it is projected that sea levels could rise in the New York City / Lower Hudson by 15-75 inches by the year 21001. This research proposal is a continuation of a project undertaken at the Urban Design programme at GSAPP, Columbia University in 2008 under Prof Modjeh Baratloo. I would like to continue my research on rising sea levels and landscape interventions that bring the discussion in the public domain. Landscape is used as a tool for engagement / mobilization and a way to capture the peoples’ imagination. In my opinion, landscape can be used as a very potent canvas for changing the mind-set of people in a way that the acceptance of the phenomenon of sea level rise is internalized and informs all our choices and decisions.

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