The DorzeHouse 2.0 is a modern interpretation of the African vernacular architecture with the goal to provide with a better house for the villagers of the rural community. The DorzeHouse maintains the ancient local tradition of working with bamboo and other natural indigenous materials but offers higher standards of hygiene, safety and comfort. Its aim is also to prevent traditional skills and construction techniques from dying out. The cost of the DorzeHouse is below 1000 $.

The House is constructed from flat packed elements, it is lightweight to transport (300 kg) and fast to assemble (8 hours by 10 people). Thanks to a modular and prefabricated construction there is no need of scaffolding, all the operation can be easily done from the ground level. Once the site is cleared and levelled the modules can be assembled. A series of horizontal rings are then interlocked between the spiral pieces from the bottom to the top. Some layers of leaves and natural materials are placed outside the framework of the hut on the first module for better insulation.

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