Tour Moustic is a building designed to fight effectively against the insects responsible for the spread of endemic diseases in tropical regions. These insects (mosquitoes, tsetse flies, black flies, etc.) have the particularity to proliferate generally in humid regions. They are responsible for several deaths each year in these forest regions. Despite their ability to reproduce rapidly, it is possible to curb their spatial propagation by taking several measures, especially in spatial planning during rainy seasons.

The building was designed to activate defense mechanisms at the fall of the first rains. To do this, rain gauges will be installed in the two side vent tubes. They serve to open the floodgates of roof tanks as of fallen of the first rains. These tanks will be filled continuously with water from groundwater and rainwater collected in small ponds on the ground. When their valves are opened, a waterfall mixed with pyrethrum (insecticide powder) will water the crop platforms placed around the building.

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