Author’s description:
“Transfigurama” explores how a digital society can manifest in physical form. It seeks to connect the tangible and intangible, and inform change for the positive. Pilot Location: Akihabara, Tokyo. Future locations: Any major city world-wide. In a world where we receive information from a million different sources every day, as a society we are retreating to digital platforms for sharing ideas and thoughts. We are becoming more polarized as we surround ourselves with those of opinions more similar to the ones we hold, and relish anonymity instead of open interaction. In this digital age, it is transparency we need and a healthy platform for connections to be made, conversations to be had, and diverse networks to develop. By combining technological innovation, new materials, and the wonder of an ever-changing experiential space, “Transfigurama” strives to be a hub for innovation and progress, and put on display the developments it nurtures.

It aims to take the world of Reddit-like and kickstarter-like platforms geared towards innovation, education, energy, and social entrepreneurship, and bring them into the physical realm. Picture a platform for workshops, discussion, investment and trade, designed to be an architectural experience and engage with the city surrounding it. The design is comprised of kiosks connected by various paths. As users move from one kiosk to another, their travel-points from A-to-B are logged in a database. Through the course of kiosk-inhabitants using the space, 3D printing Robots create physical connections that express the data collected on most frequented paths. Using bio-based materials and innovations in 3D printing technology, the purpose of the building is also to put on display the burgeoning field of 3D printed structures and make it a “spectacle”. As trends change, and kiosks are used by other agencies, the 3D printed structure changes. Connections less used are dissolved, and those used more are strengthened. The result is a structure in constant flux, and an enticing spectacle any visitor or resident would want to be part of. By taking part in this data-driven building, people come into contact with like-minded creators and investors and foster personal relationships as opposed to anonymous digital ones.

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