Two Pieces and a Rubber Band

In times of hardship, when we find so many people getting displaced from their homes due to wars and natural disasters, we need to find new plausible ways of providing them with shelters where they can carry on with their lives with dignity. That’s how the idea for this project came about.
The design began as an exploration for a structure that was easy to produce, easy to assemble and could reach a 25’ span. When rearranging the pieces from the original design, it became noticeable how the modularity of the structure allowed for a wide variety of configurations, other than just horizontal members. Through multiple iterations it was discovered that these different configurations not only increased the strength and stability of the structure, but they also began forming architectural members such as columns, and walls, that allowed for the creation of spaces and volumes.
And so, the potential of this structure became clear; since it can be flat packed, dropped from planes, and easily assembled by anyone, without the need of tools or advanced knowledge, to create a safe shelter. Due to its modularity, the elements built with the structure can grow, shrink, transform, and adapt to fulfill all the different necessities of the occupants.
Considering the potential of this structure, in an ideal scenario, if the pieces are to be made of biodegradable materials that could work as plant food, after serving their purpose, the structures can be left to decay, creating the basis for new forests and ecosystems. Or considering space exploration, with much more development in materials, the elements of the structure can be tightly packed, and shipped off to different planets, to then be rearranged into large structures that can house systems, components, or hopefully one day, humans.

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