The Vertical Tree Burial – Architectural Reaction to Developing World And Constant Beliefs
Today, two tedencies has caused the rocketing price of urban cememtries. One is the demands that are rapidly growing. A considerable number of developed societies like Australia and Japan is undergoing the ‘aging’process due to the change of notions and amazingly low birth rate. Meanwhile people hope to stay close to their deceased family members that they can easily mourn without travelling far into the countryside. The Other is the growing pursuit for a better burial environment close to nature. A lone columbarium in a cold locker no longer serves the solution to a better mourning place. So we found the necessity to design an urban cememtry which both satisfies the growing population of the dead and the apiration for a better environment for the soul to rest. With this, we found great potential in the latest Vertical Tree Burial Trend, which means the ashes of the dead along with the biodegradable columbarium is buried under the tree, nurtring the plant until they become part of the soil.

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